[Completed] Weekly Skyforge Server Maintenance – 06/29/2017

UPDATE: The maintenance is completed and the servers are back online. Have fun on Aelion!

The Skyforge EU/NA servers will be taken offline Thursday, June 29th at 1:00am PDT for weekly maintenance.

Please find specific details pertaining to the maintenance below:


The purpose of taking the servers offline is to perform weekly maintenance, fixes and localization tweaks.

Patch Notes


Dear Immortals,

Today’s update brings some changes to the classes, as well as the start of the 3rd season of the Pantheon Wars! Unfortunately we also slipped some original Russian texts into the current version. This affects certain class tooltips, E2 distoritons, bastion texts and some other places.

We are currently working on making sure that we provide the proper localization these texts and we hope to update the game with English translations before the weekend, and German and French translations as soon as possible thereafter. These changes will happen without an additional maintenance.

Thank you very much for your understanding!


  • added displaying the auction time extension (extension is only displayed after the normal time)


  • Removed the Special Gliders transport category. All vehicles of this type are now called “Gliders”.
  • Removed the Gravicycles category. All vehicles of this type are now called “Gliders”.

Divine Weapons

Akonita’s Gloves

  • Added an indicator for the snake’s life time.
  • Fixed the issue where the boosting effects of class abilities would affect Akonita’s snakes.


  • You can now upgrade Bastions to the maximum rank and gain 24 850 Might.
  • Fixed the issue where some beginners could be missing the ‘Receive quests’ button in the Bastion interface.


  • The Gorgonide bosses now look different from common monsters.

Viper Lair

  • Fixed the issue where if all group members died, eggs stopped spawning on the boss’s platform.



  • Support classes can no longer gain power from skills that increases might.

**Necromancer **

  • "Plague Storm" damage is increased by 75%.
  • The likelihood of getting the "Skull Throw" effect when using "Hellfire" is reduced from 15% to 10%.


  • The "Radioactive ectoplasm" skill has been weakened: bonus damage from "Creeping horror" to "Predatory Ectoplasm" has been reduced from 400% to 300%.


  • The recovery time of the "Leap" ability was reduced from 13.5 seconds to 10 seconds.
  • The Cooldown of the "Wild Leap" ability reduced from 20 to 14 seconds.
  • The duration of the "Thirst for battle" ability was increased from 7 to 10 seconds.
  • The Cooldown of "Flash of rage" was reduced from 52 seconds to 40 seconds.
  • The rage cost of "Flash of Rage" was reduced from 200 to 100.
  • The Damage of the "Flash of Rage" was increased by 83%.
  • The duration of the “Gladiator” skill was increased from 7 to 10 seconds.


  • The recovery time for "smokescreen" was changed from 60 seconds to 30.
  • The "Electromagnetic pulse” ability now additionally increases the damage taken by your target by 30% for 15 seconds.


  • The barrier from the “Armor Plates Regeneration” has been increased from 15% of your total health to 25%.
  • Cooldown "Teleport Beacon" reduced from 20 to 15 seconds.
  • The duration of the "Power barrier" ability was increased from 5 to 10 seconds.
  • The Cooldown of the "Fire Sector" ability was reduced from 30 to 18 seconds.


  • Fixed the issue where Gravity Trap boosted the caster’s abilities even after they switched classes.


  • Fixed a bug where the "defender Carapace" offhand buffed allied creatures, as well as players.


Approx. ~4 hours

Affected Users

During the maintenance, the Skyforge servers will be inaccessible to all players.

While waiting, why not catch the latest news about Skyforge or chat with other players via the Aelinet!