Battle of Equals: The Results!

On August 20th and August 21st, teams from both servers competed in the first ever Battle of Equals tournament! The competition was fierce and the contestants gave it their all, but in the end only three teams could be crowned “First Among Equals”. Before we get to the victors, let’s very briefly go over a sampling of some of the particularly interesting early matches!

Round of 16

ATeamHasNoName vs IfTheyKnewWhatWeKnew

Kicking the tournament off right we saw a rather intense match between two strong teams. IfTheyKnewWhatWeKnew took the first win, with the opposition coming back, bringing it to a 2:1 situation. In a pinch move, IfTheyKnewWhatWeKnew swapped up their composition to include a Cryomancer (Demonic Midget) and waited for the ideal moment to strike, eventually managing to catch both Andrew Rodas and Vexsin Karix in the ultimate, cementing a win for that round. The final round went much quicker, but showed good coordination from both sides. In the end, IfTheyKnewWhatWeKnew broke the tie and won the match.

Quarter Finals

BurntToast vs OnlyGoodInBeta

As was rather common for the first round, it was a long one! A lot of great coordination and heavy cool down usage resulted in a lengthy, yet exciting, match. Eventually, the final member left on BurntToast was Instablaze Burnttoast as he attempted to survive the round until finally falling with 7 seconds remaining. BurntToast did manage an impressive victory in the second round, but after a hard-fought match OnlyGoodInBeta finished 3:1 and moved onto the next round.

Now, to the winners!

Bronze – IfTheyKnewWhatWeKnew

• Zero Fuqs
• Kazumi Uchiha
• Demonic Midget
• Lynch Them

Silver – OnlyGoodInBeta

• Raziel highwind
• Fung Kifal
• Lolita complex
• Teisa Caine

Gold – WeHaveNoClue

• Talos Stormcloak
• Wendy Sky
• Alex Rohrbacher
• Jhon Wei

All winners received the “First Among Equals” title on the Aelinet as well as unique visual effect for their character. Congratulations to all winners and participants! We hope to see you for our next tournament!