The Countdown Promotion

Due to the countless invasions the planet has to continue to endure, Aelion ranks as one of the top destinations to study and scavenge alien wreck sites in the galaxy. A special unit of Templars, the Technology and Artefacts Intelligence Division (TAID), is in charge of collecting all the resources on these devastated sites so they can discover useful information to combat the invaders.

Today these Templars need your help, Immortals! One of the Mechanoid ships that crashed on Aelion has launched a self-destruct mechanism and we need to save as many pieces of technology and other artefacts as possible!

Starting today, from December 23rd at 12pm PST to January 6th at 12pm PST, the Countdown Promotion Event comes to Aelion - send your loyal adepts on collection missions and help the TAID!


Any Immortal that has reached 2,050 Prestige and has gained their own Order (L key) can take part in this promotional event. Fortunately, you do not have to take this challenge on by yourself as your adepts will collect the technology and artefacts for you, helping the TAID in the process!

Thanks to their research, the TAID has a lot of unmatched technology to offer to the bravest Immortals, such as the Glider Gliss and Scout Researcher costume! But that’s not all they can provide:

  • Spark Replicators
  • Victor's Medals – Can be used to purchase special items in the Invasion tab of the Market.
  • Tactical Senses Replicators
  • Appearance Modification Token

Your adepts can be full of surprises and if they manage to find a fine piece of artefacts during their missions, you can expect one of the following rewards:

  • 1,000,000 Credits,
  • 12,000 Argents and 100 Scout Tokens,
  • 500 Progress points on the guaranteed reward scale.

Alongside the Countdown Promotion, we're introducing a brand new item to the Market - Special Nodes of Destruction, Creation, and Balance. These items will be available for purchase with Victor's Medals and unlock a special node on their respective Vector that, unlike normal nodes, do not require the use of Ether Cores to upgrade! Instead, it is possible to upgrade this unique node to the vector's current maximum level for free, at which time you will be shown how many more sparks must be spent before the Vector can be upgraded further.

This promotion ends on January 6th. Good luck!