Demon Invasion is live!

A demon army invasion is starting! The enemy's first troops have already materialized on the planet. With time there will be more and more of these disgusting creatures. Junior gods will be faced with new challenges and dangers, they will have to repel attacks in the regions, defeat new distortion generals and for the first time ever fight Nihaz, the previously unknown avatar of the demon army's great god.


The start of the tenth season brings junior gods new bonuses in Flavius's Laboratory, and greater available might in the bastions. You can now get up to 27000 points of Might from one structure. New difficulties for group adventures will be gradually unlocked. To defeat all the demon leaders, you will need the latest and most powerful weapons so junior gods will have to acquire tenth generation equipment.

Invasions in regions


From the second week of the invasion, the demon army will try and capture one of the open regions of Aelion and build special astral drilling machines to convert the planet. The enemy will focus more on clearing and holding the zone. But demons do not sit still for long. They will attack a new region after 7 days.

Templars will try and contain the threat, but they will need your help. Protect mortals, attack the demons and make sure they cannot spread their influence further! The battle will be difficult and dangerous, but you must gain the upper hand over the invasion monsters. Protect the templar bases, destroy the astral drilling machines and receive credits, knowledge of enemies and rare current generation equipment.

New Distortions

The first demon distortion is already available to immortals. Fight the ancient portal guards and earn an epic brooch of incredible power. 
Mash’haad is the guard of the Astral Gates. He received this name in ancient times. Mash'haad used to be a common imp, the weakest and most vulnerable unit of the astral legion, but then one day he became trapped in a distortion. Multiple rebirth cycles and time spent on Aelion changed him. He became stronger and more dangerous.


Demons love to play with portals and for their own amusement they bring enemies together into pairs. If the pairs touch, you are both teleported, and if you approach another hero you are pulled away from each other.

Will you be able to defeat the demonic creatures? We'll find out soon!

Nihaz's Avatar

The schedule for this invasion will differ slightly from the rest. Demons are chaotic and our scientists have not yet managed to create a stable portal into their world. Access to distortions will be unlocked gradually, and Nihaz’s Avatar will arrive on the planet in the 5th week. You will have time to get ready to meet these terrible enemies. This unknown evil, hiding in the depths of the astral, has finally decided to reveal itself to the world.


Now if your character has unlocked less than 4 divine specializations, you will get avatar trophies for completing the invasion avatar's training challenge for the first 1–4 goes! Defeating the avatar in the champion challenge can get you 1–6 trophies, if your character has unlocked less than 6 divine specializations per trophy.

Obtaining the sixth avatar trophy will give you access to senior divinity. We will provide more details about this in an upcoming article.

Fight, win and destroy the enemy without mercy. Demons know no mercy! Fight them with all your might.