Demons in the Lanber Forest

The first enemy invasion in a region started this Wednesday, September 6th. The intelligence reports that they invade the Lanber Forest. Templar forces are being drawn to the area, but there is no way they can last without the help from the immortals!

The sites of the demonic activity spawn deadly Astral storms, which significantly increases the power of regular demons and the bosses of their army. Immortal hunters, turrets, demonic portals, and several mighty warlords from the Astral legion will join the ranks of the invaders.
Defeating them won't be easy. The immortals' mission will be to destroy the enemy defenses and protect the neutralizers which suppress the Astral disturbance.


Learn more about the Area Invasions in our guide.

As a reward for your help, you will receive credits, knowledge of enemies, and rare current generation equipment. Completing the main mission once a week will increase your reward.
Be prepared - the demons will fight fiercely!