The Mechanoid Invaders Have Landed - 11/13/2015

How does one go about defeating an enemy with the ability to not just rebuild their fallen but the possibility of creating an infinite force? The answer to that question is unsettling, to say the least, however we cannot falter in the face of these endless foes – the Mechanoid Invasion starts now!


During this Invasion players are capable of continuing their advance through the Mechanoid Atlas, earn additional trophy parts through Operations, and earn any unique costumes they have not yet acquired. Participating in the Invasion activities is as easy as taking on an Adventure filled with members of that army (marked by their respective Token) or by completing one of the many Invasion Adventures available! The Invasion adventures themselves require resistances which, for players that are not in a Pantheon, can be obtained at a basic level through your daily follower rewards. Finally, it’s important to remember that Victor’s Medals can be obtained through special promo adventures as well as your Order Missions! Be sure to turn them in for stronger healing items or collect them for beneficial items!

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