The Mechanoid Invasion has begun!


Aelion is in dire peril! An immense army of combat machines began to invade our planet. Avatar of the Integrator seeks to capture as many people as possible to fuel his forces. We cannot allow him to turn human beings into living batteries. Prepare for battle!

New Adventures and Challenges

With the launch of the new Invasion seasons, Tier 8 equipment became available to the Immortals. To obtain Tier 8 equipment, heroes have to embark on the following adventures using the actual difficulty levels:

  • Leunar Swamps
  • Mare Sacro Monastery
  • Targo Islands
  • Operation Isabella


It’s important to not only effectively defend your planet, but also to raid enemy bases and to destroy enemy generals without mercy. The first one can be found in the “Mechanoid Base: Secret Occulus” distortion.
Furthermore, the Immortals can embark on the following adventures from now on:

  • Force Field Generator
  • Helping Hand

Don’t forget that by completing them you can obtain epic items of the previous Tier!

Flavius Laboratory

We added several new bonuses, increasing the effectiveness of the Mechanoid Army countermeasures. Starting from today, you will receive one Mechanoid Army pattern per day. Old apexes can be researched without losing the patterns, but they will not grant you battlefield superiority. You will achieve 100 percent combat superiority by collecting all the Mechanoid Laboratory bonuses.


New series of Operations

A new Operations set has been announced! Eliminate threats to Aelion’s safety and receive additional rewards in form of credits, enemy lore and argents for completing regular missions. Reach the top of the Ratings and achieve maximum Operation level to receive even more rewards.

Fight and win!