Mr. Goro's circus

Mr. Goro's Circus was a unique phenomenon for Aelion and so was Mr. Goro.

There were rumours that there were legendary mountain giants far back in his family line. Goro never said anything about this: first, because he was a man of few words in principle. Second, because he was actually over two meters tall, and third because he was in the business of mystery and mystification so the rumours were in his favor.

There was a time when people avoided Goro because of his strange appearance, but he decided he would surround himself with others like himself and he eventually found his place in society. Out of gratitude, his small group began to call themselves Mr. Goro's Circus. The circus toured around Aelion and kept performing even during this world's most difficult days. They performed songs and dances, which all of Aelion enjoyed. There were acrobatic numbers, tricks and fortune telling, but the public was always especially interested in the cart of exhibits. It had the most diverse selection of goods: from a Dryad’s head to Ianna’s garters. One could only guess where Goro got his exhibits from, but the Council of Gods always had more important problems to worry about so nobody bothered him about it. However, recently the circus tour route has suspiciously coincided with a spate of mysterious deaths and Ianna cannot ignore this.