Oceanid Invasion Week 3


The Oceanid invasion is picking up the pace and goes into the third week on October 19th. Tol-Monter arrives, and you are the only ones who can stop him. Still, the great Oceanid god is not the only one who threatens Aelion. Alciona and Melia’s distortion will open, and the generals of the enemy army are ready to join the battle against the junior gods. We have added a new difficulty level for a whole range of group adventures, including Operation Medea. Additionally, for the first time on Wednesday we make the Evacuation adventure available.


Your objective is to ensure safety of the citizens of Aelion You can only achieve it by eliminating every last invader. But you must act efficiently. See the list of new threats to fight against them better.

Immortals! Your advantage over the army of Oceanids grows with each passing day! Develop it, collect the best equipment, practice—and the victory will be yours!