Pantheon Wars Start Tomorrow!

With the release of the War Eternal update, the second season of Pantheon Wars are coming to Aelion -Massive battles, huge rewards, and the expansion of Aelion’s technology are right around the corner. We’ll have more details regarding understanding the functionality of the Pantheon Wars below, but first let’s dive right into the scheduling!


The Pantheon Wars will take place every two (2) weeks, consisting of an Auction on Saturday and battles on Sunday. Auctions will begin at 7pm server time (PST/CET) and last for two hours, ending at 9pm server time. On Sunday, pending any potential changes, the three battle stages are scheduled to start at 7pm, 8:30pm, and 10pm server time. The timeframe you’ll battle in is dependent on factors such as if you’re attacking or defending, if the other Pantheon is attacking or defending against a third Pantheon, and so on.

Auction & Battle Dates

Mark your Calendars! Be aware that there will be a delay between the second and third Pantheon War to compensate for the holidays.

• December 3rd & 4th
• December 17th & 18th
• January 7th & 8th
• January 21st & 22nd
• February 4th & 5th
• February 18th & 19th
• March 4th & 5th
• March 18th & 19th


For a brief summary of the Pantheon Wars and how they operate, you can view our War Eternal – Pantheon Wars Season 2 news. For anyone hoping to get a more elaborate description about how the entire season operates, we highly suggest reading over our extensive Pantheon Wars Guide.

Get ready to battle!