Phytonide Invasion is Live! 01/15/2016

The Phytonide infestation spreads, seeking to consume all that stand upon Aelion’s soil.

During the Phytonide Invasion you’re invited to participate in any Invasion mission available to you, provided you have the required resistances. Participating in Invasion missions will earn Eidos, which can be used to increase your resistance knowledge that, in turn, is directly used to increase your Resistances in your Pantheon menu! Those without a Pantheon can receive temporary resistance items every day during the Invasion from your offering chest in the Hall of Orders.

ALERT: The Phytonide Avatar has been sighted accompanying the invading forces. This army’s avatar has not yet attempted to plant their roots on Aelion and currently remains an unknown entity. Please use caution when confronting this high-value target.

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Skyforge Invasion Phytonides

Along with the Invasion adventures themselves, you can complete the following Phytonide-centric adventures to earn Phytonide Tokens, used in the Phytonide Atlas!

  • Alakur Island
  • Daren Facility

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