Phytonide Invasion: Week 1

A new enemy will arrive on our planet this Wednesday. Activate all forces: you will have to face the Phytonides. These "close relatives of the salad" only seem harmless. The determination with which these creatures go after their objectives is really something. And their current objective is to capture Aelion.


New adventures and difficulties

General Caryolis stands at the hed of the Phytonide army. You can find him in the Dangerous Greenhouse: Caryolis Distortion. To complete this successfully you should have at least 25% Combat Superiority, 70 million Prestige and several 7th generation equipment items.

Leunar Swamps, Mare Sacro Monastery, Targo Islands and Operation Isabella adventures have new difficulty levels. You can obtain 7th generation equipment there.

Infected Territories and Lending a Hand invasion adventures are now available. Visit them to boost your Combat Superiority and receive bonuses in Flavius's Laboratory.

Adventure Required Prestige Equipment Stats Indicators
Leunar Swamps 47,000,000 Ring (rare) Crit multiplier, damage
Base Damage Multiplier
Mare Sacro Monastery 47,000,000 Amulet (rare) Health Multiplier
Companion Attack Multiplier
Targo Islands 47,000,000 Brooch (rare) Health Multiplier
Base Damage Multiplier
Operation Isabella 56,000,000 Amulet, ring (rare and epic) Ring: Crit multiplier, damage
Base Damage Multiplier
Amulet: Health Multiplier
Companion Attack Multiplier
Dangerous Greenhouse: Caryolis 0 (recommended: 70,000,000) Brooch (epic) Health Multiplier
Base Damage Multiplier

Flavius's Laboratory

Several new bonuses have been added. These include Phytonide Vulnerability, Protection against Phytonides», Enhanced Protection, and most importantly — Might of Other Worlds (+2.5% to damage dealt). You can now receive one Phytonide sample a day. You can explore old nodes without using Phytonide samples, but this will not give you Combat Superiority. If you obtain all Flavius Laboratory bonuses, you will accumulate 100% Combat Superiority.


The avatar of the Phytonide god will arrive in Aelion on the third week of the invasion — February 15th. The training incarnation will be available to groups of 5 on certain days and the champion version will be available daily to teams of 10 players.

Characters with no divine specializations, explored for avatar trophies (all, except God of Travels), can receive up to 5 such trophies by killing Machavann - up to 3 from the training incarnation and another 2 from the champion incarnation (or all 5 from the champion incarnation). For example, if you have explored all the specializations, except for God of Machines and God of Magic, you will receive another trophy when you kill the champion incarnation of Machavann.

But these are not all the rewards. By beating the champion version of the avatar, you will receive a divine symbol, which will enable you to provide great power to those around you. However, nobody knows the details yet: Machavann likes to keep his secrets. But it is very clear that support class representatives will be pleased. They also say that each incarnation hides special mounts. We will find out which when the enemy arrives.


What else is interesting?

No matter how scared we are of the Phytonide threat, the increase in requirements for visiting these distortions is not so great. More people could visit the Reapers of Death adventures than the Oceanid adventures and everything is even easier with the Phytonides. Of course this does not mean you can sit back and do nothing. You still have to be active, collect equipment and boost Combat Superiority. But the increase in required Prestige slows down and that is nice.