Phytonide Invasion: Week 3

There is a new difficulty level for a whole range of group adventures. There is also a new distortion available for you!

Young gods can fight champion and training versions of the Phytonide avatar. Experienced players can once again test their strengths, while beginners will need to try and earn the Avatar Trophy and unlock a new divine specialization. Training is available for groups of 5 immortals.


The first victory over the champion version of Machavann will earn you a trophy and a particle of his strength - an artefact. It will enable you to obtain a special divine symbol called Machavann's Guard. This will go down well with all those who enjoy the Support class.

Victory over the champion or training versions of Machavann gives you the chance to obtain special bird mounts: Ruby Dione for the champion version and Pearly Dione for the training version.


Machavann's Champion Incarnation

Recommended preparations:

  • Prestige: 123,000,000.
  • Flavius's Laboratory: 75% Combat Superiority.
  • Equipment: 7th generation epic ring, amulet, brooch, bracelet, sapphire, ruby, emerald, topaz. 7th generation rare weapon and artifact.


  • Mysterious, ancient or mythical chest.
  • 625 divine deeds.
  • Avatar Trophy (for the first 5 walkthroughs, if your Immortal has less than 5 trophy specializations).

Machavann's Training Incarnation

Accessible to all of you whose Immortals have received a divine form, but not at all times. Groups of 5 Immortals are required for participation. You can get a directive to fight a lite version of the avatar on certain days: Thursday and Sunday.


  • Divine Form.


  • Mysterious, ancient or mythical chest.
  • Avatar Trophy (for the first 3 walkthroughs, if your Immortal has less than 3 trophy specializations).

Fight monsters, receive new equipment and continue to accumulate Combat Superiority. Remember: the battle is far from over!

Good Luck!