Promo: Weapons of Gods

The primary concern of Aelion’s inhabitants is to defend itself against constant alien invasion, yet one other concern has always been dormant in every god’s mind – the disappearance of the great god, Aeli.

When not conducting technological wizardry in an attempt to fend off invaders, the sages of Aelion – Flavius, Metarchus and Asterius – are often exploring Aelion, hoping to uncover Aeli’s ancient laboratories and plumb them for clues regarding his mysterious disappearance. It is this exploration that unexpectedly led to a completely different discovery in the past – “Divine Weapons”.

With invasions increasing both in space and on home soil, the sages of Aelion have called upon you to assist them in furthering their research into these Divine Weapons. As part of the Weapons of Gods promotion, it is time to call upon your adepts to aid you in this task.

From October 25th to November 8th, you will have the opportunity to let your followers ‘power-up’ your divine weapons, as well as secure a wealth of valuables, such as Premium Subscription, Knowledge of Enemies, Credits, Stimulants and Victor’s Medals.

Awards for the first round


Awards for the second round


While these powerful artefacts and resources may not lead to discovering what really happened to Aeli, your newfound power and wealth will certainly help you pulverize Aelion’s invaders, so be sure to take the opportunity while you can!

-The Skyforge Team