Promotion: Wild Wasteland

Those hot desolate lands became home to cultists, criminals, and other antisocial elements of the Aelion society. To survive, they have to form gangs and engage in constant battles for scarce resources. While the gangs of the Wasteland are fighting among each other, the rest of Aelion can rest easy: they will not have the means or the time to get past the border. Ianna knows that better than anyone, so she spares no expense in secretly supporting certain leaders through her agents.

But recently, her agents in the Wasteland have been refusing to work with the Council of Gods, going so far as to stop getting in contact with her altogether. The last information Ianna managed to obtain indicated that there was a new, strong leader in the Wasteland. This person apparently has a goal of uniting all the crooks of this forsaken place.

Why would he do that? To rebel against the Council of Gods? Weaken Aelion from within during invasions? This information needs to be confirmed or refuted as soon as possible.

The event runs from 28.03.2018, through 11.04.2018

Additionally, next week we will release a special item directly in the in-game market for 6000 Victor’s Medals.
This special item will give you 1 of the 4 available Adept Relics from the Wildlands promotion at random.
This item will stay in the market after the promotion is over.