Summer in Aelion


The Summer Event is coming soon to Aelion!


Warm Breeze used to be a folk holiday of summer and sun. Even the ancient residents of Aelion praised the sun for giving people light and warmth. Thanks to Aeli’s wise leadership, the Golden Age started on the planet. It was the age of prosperity and abundance, and the folk holiday turned into a national one (because the new state needed its own holidays). On those days, mortals thanked their gods for peace and protection, and gods rested from their duties.

Sunny Coins were put into circulation by Aeli. The Great God wanted to spare the mortals from having to think about what to give their deities, and the gods - from having to accept goats and youngest daughters as offerings. It is surprising that Sunny Coins are still present on Aelion. Conspiracy theorists believe that Aeli never left the planet and still watches over it.

However, the magic that allows Sunny Coins to appear at certain periods of time is not that mysterious: Thais uncovered its secret. She liked the bright coins and decided to make them her island’s internal currency to emphasize the uniqueness of the place where eternal summer reigns. Thais managed to understand the magical principle, and so the coins appear in her domain independently of the holiday.

When Thais personally governed the island, each holiday was different from the others. The jovial goddess came up with unusual activities for everyone. Thais is in hiding these days, but the mortals of Aelion disagree with the idea that the holiday should be forgotten. They built a real racetrack for immortals and kept it a secret until later. Gods and goddesses have a chance to prove their bravery, agility, and skill, whereas mortals look forward to enjoying the show!

We welcome all immortals to participate in the Summer Sky Race. Race against your friends and win cool rewards.

More details about the event will be announced soon!

Have a nice summer!