Week in review – The Pantheon Wars – 01/29/2016

Learn what happened in the Pantheon Wars ladder this week via our Pantheon Wars review!

It’s been a great week! Exile was the first Pantheon on the NA Server to kill the Phytonide avatar. This was quickly followed by numerous Pantheons, such as Legion of Archangels, and a large number of mop-up groups consisting of multiple Pantheons.


The C-Series Distortions still appear to be out of reach from all challengers. While certain Pantheons including Exile and Aurora definitely have experience completing the initial C-Series Distortion, the C1 Ratings variant remains unopposed! Will anyone manage to defeat such a foe before the focus changes to the more advanced stages?

We also have a new rising star, or should we say angel, in the tournament: The The Angels Of Death have entered the top 10 Tessa Ranking and PvP Rating, we expect to see more from them in the future! Additionally, Exile has breached one million with a significant lead, seemingly solidifying their first place position. However anything is possible, as we see the other ranks being shuffled about while the competition between the Pantheons seemingly picks up the pace.


We’re excited to see how things go next week! How many Pantheons will manage to clear C1 ranked? Will the top Tessa rankings continue to change? Stay tuned for next week’s review of Skyforge Pantheon Wars.

If you have any Pantheon War screenshots or videos you’d like to showcase, don’t hesitate to share them with the community!