Grovewalker Collector’s Edition Discount


If you haven’t gotten around to unlocking the Grovewalker class, now would be the time!
Between May 30th and June 5th, the Grovewalker Collector’s Edition will be 20% off!

Experience a new side of Aelion as you wander the ancient world! Rid the planet of evil monsters, bloodthirsty aliens, and interdimensional foes with the power of nature!


The Grovewalker is the latest force to join the roster of immortals. As an offensive tank and an arsenal of ranged attacks, the Grovewalker is a flexible class perfect for players looking to charge into battle as a thorn shielded tank or stay back and aid your party by summoning vicious plants.

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Players have until June 5th to take advantage of the Grovewalker discount, act quickly!