History of Aelion: Taron Power Station

Our trek across Aelion continues as we arrive along the northern bank, almost to the coast, of Antea. It is here we find one of the main sources of energy for the cities and town across the region – Taron Power Station.


During the days of Aeli, scientists began to first get their hands on amazing technology brought to Aelion through the Mechanoid’s initial invasions. Scientific marvels like this had never been seen before, so learning and adapting from these findings was never in question. This decision prompted a massive boom in technology across Aelion and laid the foundation for an industrial revolution that spanned centuries.


One of the major acquisitions during this period was a revolutionary power source, previously used on the Mechanoid’s modular ships. Having an extremely reliable source of energy, several power stations were immediately constructed across Aelion. Reactor cores in these stations were improved upon by Flavius – His tinkering producing a ludicrous amount of energy.

One of these facilities was Taron Power Station on Antea and has been continuously supplying a good deal of power to the continent for ages. Naturally, objects of such great importance have always been secured with the utmost importance, so any attempt to destroy, sabotage, or capture the station were effortlessly crushed. Sooner or later, something is bound to occur that will compromise the very existence of this station. This something is happening right now.


In complete disregard of the Templar’s constant watch over the facility, the Gorgonides launched a direct assault on the Taron Power Station. Such an immediate frontal attack from such a strong force caught the station’s protectors off guard. Doing all that they could, even sacrificing their own lives, they refused to let these slithering invaders to the reactor. Unfortunately, it was next to impossible to halt their ambush. In the end, only a few mortals remained to fend off these deadly vipers. An emergency signal has already been sent to Aelinar but it takes time for reinforcements to reach this distant region.


Immortals, please hurry! Every minute counts and the consequences may be irreversible. Who knows what could happen if the reactors are damaged? At the very least, if we’re lucky, there will be a mass power outage across Antea. The projected outcome for the worst case scenario is the complete devastation of nearly the entire continent…