Skyforge Update - 25/04/2018


  • Added an ability to the Grovewalker Collector's Pack weapon, it now also prolongs the duration of your active flowers by 450%.
  • Fixed a description issue of the legendary Grovewalker weapon, it now displays the 80% Block stat correctly.
  • Fixed a bug that enables the player to an execution after pulverizing with Solar Prism artefact
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to go over the Cognition Cap after unlocking all aspects.
  • Improved the controls of the Grovewalker when playing with a gamepad
  • The Special Squad and Special Group Adventures are now only available after you reach your divine form.
  • Fixed an issue where some players had placeholder equipment in their inventory.
  • The occasional rare chests with equipment from Random Squads now drops now only 1 item instead of 3.
  • Removed excess cognition that was gained after unlocking all elder god forms nodes.
  • The achievement "No eggs No omelette" can now be completed in most adventures that have oceanid eggs.
  • Increased the distance from which the giant manta rays will be visible in the Isola Digs Adventure.


  • Fixed a Graphical bug when the Grovewalkers was disarmed.
  • Flowers duration and damage have been increased.
  • Grovewalkers gains energy when you successfully spout a flower bud.
  • "Breath of the forest" ability now taunts enemies in addition to it's normal effects.
  • The "Deadly Thorns" has had it's energy cost reduced.
  • Phytoform reduced the crowd controlling abilities duration by 300%.
  • "Touch of life" regenerates more health.
  • The shield you get after leaving Phytoform has been increased in both duration and strength
  • Grovewalkers buds now stand out more from the ground.
  • Fixed a visual glitch with the Breath of the forest ability.


  • Fixed an issue with displaying difficulties on adventure cards.
  • Fixed an interface bug with your current adventure overlapping other adventure cards in the Aelion interface.
  • Fixed a display issue with the tooltip of the rank of some adventures.
  • Fixed and issues that caused hints on the map to be incorrect.
  • Fixed a bug where the text above your currently tracked quest would appear twice on the map.
  • Pantheon Interface "Coat of Arms Editor" renamed to "Coats of Arms"


  • The Grovewalker has been added to the Training Hall
  • Fixed an issue with getting Grovewalker seals from the Cathedral.
  • Fixed a problem that caused you to drop your divine weapon if you dashed forward when playing as a gunner.
  • For the Icy Plateau and Dankit Island - fixed a bug for these adventures where players received the wrong score evaluation and rewards.
  • The first level of the 'Emerald Stream' now unlocks the visual decoration in the style room.
  • Corrected lighting in the Skyforge Day version of the Park.
  • Fixed a bug where Sparks of Transformation were not given out from PVP adventures.
  • The requirement for a group adventure has been changed to be equal to the prestige rank of the adventure.

Region Invasion

  • The mechanics of the event "Great Mothers" has been changed. To get the maximum reward, you now need to kill all 4 bosses as quickly as possible (within 2min 30sec). The longer it takes to kill the boss, the small the reward will be.
  • Cognition is no longer given for killing "Great Mothers". It is now given at the end of the event depending on how well you performed.
  • The additional cognition you get from killing the "Great Mothers" in elder god form was not removed.
  • All "Great Mothers" health are linked, you need to kill them around the same time. If the gap between HP for any of the mothers exceeds 11%, they will be healed back up to the same value as the mother with the highest HP, so make sure to kill them in sync.

Updated: 25/04/2018 08:45 pm PDT