The vanishing of Goddess Tessa

Remember Tessa, the goddess of flowers? A great researcher and scientist, it was like she felt the planet, could see and hear what was hidden from other immortals. The elder gods, preoccupied with invading armies, never paid much attention to her concerns. But then everything changed. Tessa’s search led her to discover ether resonators - trees made of the pure energy of Aelion. In her temple, Tessa opened portals to all resonators on the planet, and immortals gained access to endless hunting grounds.

By sacrificing invading monsters to the resonators, the gods obtained valuable artifacts and praised the goddess of flowers for that gift.

Tessa’s research continued. As a true scientist, she strived to solve Aelion’s mysteries, answering the planet’s call. But one day, the energy that powered the portals ran out, and Tessa’s temple became deserted. No one knows what happened to the goddess and her loyal adepts.

The remaining followers felt the emptiness, and their prayers remained unanswered.

Tessa disappeared without a trace... Where to?