Nihaz has arrived!


The fifth week of the Demonic invasion is underway. Astral creatures are attacking our outposts. They are driven by fear and reverence: the avatar of Nihaz, a terrifying creature from another plane of reality, has manifested on Aelion for the first time. Are you ready to test your skills against this disgusting enemy?


Gather your strength! Beginners can unlock four divine specializations after killing the training incarnation of the invasion avatar. Experienced fighters will face a more difficult task: to defeat the champion incarnation of Nihaz and gain access to higher divinity.

The fight will not be easy! The way to the avatar is guarded by Bel’Phaar, one of the strongest soldiers in the demonic army. You will have to take him down first.
The avatar’s arrival breathed new life into the enemy forces. The invasion lasts longer than we expected. Ianna and her generals believe that a complete victory over the enemy will not occur until November 8th.


  1. Astral Exile modifier is not used.
  2. Astral Connection is not used
  3. When Beam of Agony is used, a bomb is applied to one character only.

The rewards are worth the effort! Aside from the avatar trophies required for accessing new divine specializations, the characters may receive a new companion and a costume for defeating the training version of the avatar, as well as a unique color option for their companion when they defeat the champion version.

Va’alor came to us from astral This cute little creature that looks like a plush toy is a particle of an extremely powerful being, an ancient god trapped in astral like a prisoner. When the Demons invaded Aelion, Va’alor discovered a loophole he had been searching for for thousands of years. But unfortunately (and fortunately for our people) he had been bodiless for too long so he could not recreate himself as a whole being. At least that is what he says.