Skyforge Updates

Starting June 21st you will find all patch notes for Skyforge listed here. Want to read up what had changed in the past? Just visit this page again!

September 12th

Battle Royale:

  • Fixed the issue where medium-ranked players could get a reduced reward.
  • Fixed the position of holstered explosive weapons for Anna-Malia
  • Increased rewards for lowest ranked players. They now get at least 5 Symbols of Glory.
  • Improved animation for using medicaments.
  • Different types of medicaments now have a shared cooldown.


  • Upgrade for Akonita’s Vipers is now available in the Market. It adds the following bonuses:
  1. Enemies affected by Hidden Lunge spread half of their accumulated Slime effects to nearby targets (1 effect minimum).
  2. Each Slime effect turned into poison extends the lifespan of the Viper summoned by Akonita’s Viper by 1 second.
  • Changed descriptions for divine weapons. They are much shorter now.