Skyforge Updates

Starting June 21st you will find all patch notes for Skyforge listed here. Want to read up what had changed in the past? Just visit this page again!

January 10th


  • Amplifiers will now disappear upon the Soundweaver’s death.
  • When switching to the Soundweaver and when exiting combat vehicles that have their own resource, the Soundweaver will have 100% energy (used to be 0)
    Changed body type parameters for the female Soundweaver preset
  • Jinx, Flaming Strings (guitar) no longer clips through the Soundweaver’s hands
  • During Fiery Solo, when the Soundweaver is invulnerable, they are also immune to control effects.
  • The Music of the Spheres talent has been corrected - “Rhythm of Tenacity” has been changed to “Rhythm of Courage”
  • The positive effects of Rhythm of Courage now affect only player characters
  • Amplifiers can be placed near a target only if they are within 75 yards of the character
  • Amplifiers placed near a target should now work correctly (they would sometimes appear without an aura and disappear during a fight)
  • A player or monster can be affected by only 1 positive and 1 negative effect of a rhythm (regardless of the number of Soundweavers present)
  • A player or monster can be affected by only 1 positive and 1 negative effect of a rhythm (regardless of the number of Soundweavers present)
  • Changed the color of the Soundweaver’s aura in divine form from blue to green
  • During Fiery Solo you get negative effects (including damage) from one aura only
  • Rhythm of Inspiration: the effect that reduces damage dealt is now applied to all enemies, and the slowing effect - only to those susceptible to control effects.
  • Fiery Solo: flames will also appear on the last note of the ability. Added information to the ability description that flames appear only when you play correctly.
  • Rhythm of Inspiration: fixed the issue where in the weak mode you accumulated a divine weapon 20% faster instead of 30%.

Alciona and Melia

The bosses now deal significantly less damage when enraged
Divine Healing can no longer used if you have 100% health.


Fixed the issue where players could not switch classes during a warm-up in small battles.
Sparks of Transformation are now available in PvP.

Transformer Companion Module

  • In divine form, module owner can activate a picked-up weapon without losing their divine weapon.


  • timer for destroying probes for the Mechanoid Scouts quest has been increased by 1.5 minutes
  • fixed the terminal for Aelerium-9 donations at the Thea-2 station You can now use it once a day. It now takes your Premium status into account when calculating your Knowledge of Enemies reward.

Anomaly event

  • fixed the issue where after killing the Witherer you could not see Ravia
  • Classified Data quest: removed the stage where you needed to download data from the Mechanoids’ terminals. Now you only need to hack it correctly (incorrect hacking will no longer restart the quest from the beginning)
  • Fixed the issue where some players could not speak with holographic Asterius.
  • Fixed the issue where Sangra’s Wingers would not drop emanations during the event
  • The Witherer and his minions now have less health;


  • You can now get a Rainbow Stone from silt blobs in Usuni Valley even if you have already gotten it during a quest and sold it to the Market.
  • Regeneration Substrates can no longer be used if you have more than 99.9% health
  • Candidate Costume and Formal Clothes in the Style Room now occupy the same slot
  • Added a “Do Not Disturb” mode to the game settings. Do Not Disturb disables pop-up notifications
  • Renamed “Gem” to “Accessory” for portraits
  • Fixed the issue where players could get Ancient Swarm Wings for fewer than 250 fragments
  • Corrected the duration of stages and conditions for switching between them. The stage with a divine spark will now happen every time the boss loses 20% of health (or at a set time)
  • Boss’s minions no longer recover health at the end of the phase with a god
  • Removed weapons with “Shield Durability”. Instead, a weapon with “All damage” will be given. Its quality and Integrity will remain the same.
  • Corrected the title for Citadel Hoverboard in the transport menu