Skyforge Updates

Starting June 21st you will find all patch notes for Skyforge listed here. Want to read up what had changed in the past? Just visit this page again!

March 14th

The following card is available in the Hall of Trophies: Threat from the Depths which contains Oceanid Destabilizer.

February 27
  • Corrected the position of Altered Korgs on shipbuilding ways at Saffire Air Dockyard
  • You can now view information about an offline player.
  • When your divine form ends, the ability that activates divine form goes into cooldown for 3 seconds. It helps avoid certain visual bugs.

February 12th

Pantheon Tournament.

  • Added a Reward Selection function for the Pantheon Tournament
  • When a Tournament is over, winning Pantheons will be able to choose their rewards (Hyperion modules, for example) in the Pantheon interface. If a Pantheon wins more than one reward, several consecutive votes will be held.
  • Commanders vote for their preferred reward. The prize that gets more votes wins. If no option is selected within three days after the vote is started, a random reward will be automatically selected.
  • Pantheons will receive their selected rewards during updates.

Battle Mechanics and System


  • Addressed an issue with the “Target selection priority” button not working
  • After the ultimate ability ends, the Soundweaver will be immune to control effects and attacks for some time.
  • Addressed an issue where the Soundweaver would still be susceptible to control effects even after successfully executing the ultimate ability.

  • Jinx, Flaming Strings: “Burn” from fireworks now increases the critical chance of all allies with the Soundweaver’s boosting effects if they are attacking the target affected by this effect.
  • Aspect portraits are now displayed correctly.
  • Aspect of Mercy portrait is green if your Premium is active.
  • Aspect of Tenacity portrait is golden if your Premium is active.
  • Aspect of Rage portrait is orange if your Premium is active.
  • Addressed an issue where using Icy Dart while having Kryta, Viper’s Heart (legendary weapon) equipped would block certain abilities.
  • Addressed an issue where your weapon could disappear if you were revived by the companion
  • Changed the generation of equipment received from Royal Chest. It will now match the generation of the chest for characters that have completed the campaign.
  • Fixed the discrepancies in damage numbers in the descriptions of the Berserker’s (Destructive Attack) and Revenant’s (Destruction) abilities.
  • The Mysteries of Love event is starting on Aelion!
  • Updated the list of supported GPU/CPU
  • Updated the position of drums for the Rhythms of Aelion emote.
  • Updated the animations for NPC couples in the St Valentine’s event.
  • Updated the finishing attack for higher tier characters
  • Asmodeus’s Pull no longer works on characters in divine form.
  • Support Mode symbol now works only on players.
  • When you are in divine form, the class change panel displays only the classes you have learned
  • Once the Phytonide boss in the Inghar Test Area is killed, auras that deal damage will also disappear.


  • Addressed an issue in the Mechanoid Raid event: character’s participation was not counted if they joined the event at the Thea-2 station and did not participate in the defense of Aelerium mining stations.
  • Improved the Aelerium reward for the Mechanoid Scouts event: C (2-5 probes) - 100 Aelerium; B (6-9 probes) - 150 Aelerium; A (10 probes) - 250 Aelerium, S (first to get 10 probes) - 350 Aelerium.
  • Addressed an issue with Oculat Spies at the Thea-2 station - some of them had more health than they should have.
  • Slightly reduced the number of enemies during the defense stage of Mechanoid Raid at the Thea-2 station


  • Reaper Laboratory is now at the top of the list

Battle Royale

  • The top three players of Battle Royale, season 2, will receive a unique title and portrait element.


  • Key bindings were wrong.
  • Mount and divine panel were mixed up.
  • All Tobi mounts will spawn heart-shaped bubbles during the event. Only the Enamored Tobi will continue to have that effect afterwards.