Skyforge Updates

Starting June 21, 2018 you will find all patch notes for Skyforge listed here. Want to read up what had changed in the past? Just visit this page again!

May 15, 2019


Removed the class symbols unlocked by players as a result of a bug. The number of the symbols they have left will depend on the amount of ether they have (it will be rounded up to the players benefit). For example, if your character accumulated 3,800 units of ether and had 6 symbols, two symbols that were unlocked last will be removed.


  • Legendary stones Mark of Menar, Beacon of Protection, and Emitter of Despair have been added to Battle Rewards and to the Equipment section of the Market.




  • Increased the chance of receiving a legendary Stone of Power from a Battle Reward.
  • Updated the description for Battle Reward. Adjusted the amount of Pure Matter gained and added information about legendary Stones of Power.



  • Addressed an issue that prevented the Alchemist from applying the effects of Solutions and detonating them if the target already had Solution effects from another Alchemist.


  • Bonus to damage from Rage Incarnate now conforms to the description and equals 150%.
  • Changed the effects of Rage Incarnate. One effect now grants an extra 1% damage.


  • Extra damage from the Divine Punisher symbol now conforms to the description.


  • Damage from the crows summoned by Dark Envoys is now displayed in combat log as a separate entity and not as damage from Aging.


  • Updated the description for Warped Ground: added information that the trap is activated faster only if there are enemy characters in range.


  • Updated the description for the No Retreat symbol.
  • Addressed an issue where, if No Retreat was active, the duration of Electric Barrier would increase when the Siege Stance was terminated.


  • When the emerald symbol Will of Fire is active, the Burning Staff ability now sets the ground on fire if any enemy is hit (not just elite monsters and immortals).


  • The Dark Magic class symbol now boosts the attacks of the necrodemon summoned by Fury, the Astral Reaper (Necromancer’s weapon).


  • Added a new animation for the Lizard Bastion.
  • Quests where you develop your class can no longer be completed in the Training Room.
  • Addressed an issue where bonuses to the duration of divine form (Warming Light and Scorching Light) would not work in all types of adventures.
  • Updated the description for the stat "Mobility after dashing".

April 29

A grand parade to commemorate the great victory of heroes of the past is about to start on Aelion.


  • Addressed an issue where players that did not need Cognition kept receiving it as a reward.


  • Addressed an issue where Light Power Helmet from the Pioneer Armor Set was not visible in the Style Room.
  • The Phytonides tab in Flavius’s Laboratory is displayed first.

April 25
  • Characters that have unlocked their divine form can no longer receive equipment containers of a generation more than 1 level below the current one.
  • Characters that have unlocked all nodes in the Temple of Deeds will have the extra Trophies removed from their bag.
  • Addressed an issue where characters that received a trophy for a victory over the training incarnation of Machavann could not use it in the Temple of Deeds. Those who received more than 4 trophies for the training incarnation will not be able to use the “extra” trophies. They will be removed later.
  • updated the tooltips for the military development project

When hovering the pointer over the card upgrade, you can see rewards for the “gold” card of this block.
Machavann’s Avatar (both versions)
Addressed an issue where, after the phase with gods, the flower would stop absorbing sparks.
Reduced damage from poisonous pools left by monsters and lianas.
Reduced lianas’ health.
Reduced the lifespan of poisonous pools during a fight against the training version of the avatar.
Machavann is now invulnerable to damage in all phases except the ones with divine sparks.
The pause before the first wave of monsters has been reduced to 5 seconds.
Slightly adjusted the boss’s health thresholds that trigger phase change.
Changed the drop of Intelligence Data in promotions.
You can now get the data by fulfilling directives (Squad, Group, Invasion).
Bosses no longer drop Intelligence Data.

**Directives **

  • Addressed an issue where you could not complete the Stronghold tutorial if you have already upgraded it to the maximum.
  • Added effects for the companion
  • Changed the price of the Trail of Legends card
  • Regular price is 18 000 Victor's Medals
  • Discounted price is 12 000 Victor's Medals
  • Fixed the bugged items from the sale
  • Addressed an issue with quests that were given repeatedly if the player did not claim the reward.

**Classes **

Addressed an issue where, if there was an option to gain more than one companion charge, additional effects from abilities were not activated if you had only one charge.

  • Slayer - Double Strike
  • Knight - Battering Ram
  • Monk - Rapid Stream
  • Lightbinder - Sparks of Anger
  • Protheus’s Trident Strike (only in the form of a sea deity during a fight against Tol-Monter)
  • Necromancer
    • If the target is standing on two or more Cursed Lands, bonus damage from the Dark Magic class symbol does not go away if one of the Lands expires.

Updated the symbol interface
**Portraits **
Portrait selection buttons have their own icons now. If you do not have a certain portrait element installed, the element selection button will have an appropriate outline. It will help you find the desired element quickly.
**Jet Experimental Transport: **
Changed the mechanics of Experimental Transport. It has become easier to use, and we have removed the ability to jump through mountains and fall through the ground.

**Known issues: **
Sometimes jumping may not work (there will be no context action) or you will not be able to leap over a small obstacle. It will be fixed in one of the upcoming updates.
Added new icons for the following items:
Mark of Menar
Emitter of Despair
Beacon of Protection
The power of relics discovered using the companion’s Treasure Hunter module now depends on the current season and is increased as new relics are added by promotions
Laertes’s Sword Symbol

  • Bloody Vortex now ends when the sword disappears.
    During Happy Hours in Massive Battles, you can now get three Battle Rewards instead of one.
    Removed Priority Tasks, because this mechanics is no longer in the game.
    **Increased the Might value on certain relics: **

From 1300 to 1370 Might:
- Amulet of Aid
- Amulet of Luck
- Amulet of Health
- Amulet of Strength
- Mysterious Ore
- Grove Idol
- Ritual Dagger
- Meteorite Fragment

From 1410 to 1530 Might:
- Tattered Scroll
- Ritual Chalice
- Moonstone
- Mysterious Ring

From 1640 to 1930 Might:
- Central Guard Core
- Signal Amplifier
- Brain Implant
- Meteoric Iron

From 1720 to 2160 Might:
- Biosample
- Mysterious Ore
- Symbiotic Metal
- Guitar Pick of Destiny
**Ether Quests **
* Changed the mechanics of the Path of a Hero quest. The quest should no longer disappear once the bar is filled to 100%.
* Ether quests no longer disappear when you die
* Addressed an issue with Ether Hunt that allowed players to get 10% more ether per quest
* Slightly improved the way ether is gained - during events in the area, you will gain ether if you do not participate in them.
* Improved the ether quest system - the quests now wait until the current fight is over. The system will also pick quests for locations that are not far from the player (quests for the current area or neighboring subareas of Terra are selected).

April 17


  • Updated the description of Premium ranks, added information that they affect rewards from directives.
  • Corrected the description of game currencies earned for completing old directives. They are given for new directives now.
  • The currency required to update directives has been removed from the list of valuables.
  • Addressed an issue where you could not get special (gold) missions in directives at the start of a day.
  • Training avatar’s card will always be gold and appear first in the list.
  • Construction resources in directives are now given as an item in your inventory.
  • Catch-up system’s rewards no longer appear in the Battles directives.

Divine Specializations

  • If you need an Avatar Trophy to unlock a node, you will see this information in the description.
  • Updated the icons of certain abilities in the Temple of Deeds. They are designed to better reflect the functionality of the abilities.


  • The ability to use Rapid Growth appears at the start of combat and not after it ends.
  • The Rapid Growth effect is not activated as long as the Grovewalker’s phytoform is active.


  • Fixed the Dark Magic class symbol. Extra damage is now also dealt to elite monsters, bosses, and targets immune to control effects.


  • Reduced the size of the shield generated by Lizard Tyrant and Lizard Bastion.
  • Increased the time until the Lizard Tyrant’s grenades explode.
  • All monsters from the Draconid army are immune to control effects when using their special abilities.
  • Added Draconid weapons that can be picked-up.


  • Reduced the number of spots where you can fall through the moss in the location with a lake. They are now marked with mushroom clusters to make them more noticeable.
  • Added metal ladders leading from floor 2 to floor 3. Players now have five ways to get to a higher level.
  • Aelion satellites in Terra’s orbit have improved the map’s accuracy.

Ether Focuses

  • Increased the time limit for quests where you need to collect ether.
  • Decreased the difficulty of Ether Focus challenges. Enemies will steal ether at a reduced rate and within a smaller range.
  • When approaching an Ether Focus, players will now see a tooltip about the class symbol you can unlock with it.
  • Focuses with class symbols that have yet to be unlocked are now marked with the icons of these symbols.
  • After gaining a new class symbol, players will see the appropriate notification.


  • Added missing icons to messages from the Ether Compass.
  • Daily rewards are once again available in the Cathedral.
  • The Equipment Upgrades quest now works correctly.
  • The Threat from the Depths card is once again available in the Hall of Trophies.
  • Addressed an issue where after a group synchronization, monsters would have a lower rank.
  • Stronghold’s rank is now displayed correctly.
  • Players who have unlocked all abilities in the Temple of Deeds will have the appropriate challenges marked as “completed”.
  • Addressed an issue where characters would not receive a quest that unlocks higher divinity after completing the development of all temples.

April 9

We've released the New Horizons Update. You can find the patch notes here.

March 26
  • Added 5 floors to the Tower of Knowledge
  • Maximum Might from the Tower of Knowledge - 39500
  • Maximum number of followers in the Cathedral - 395000
  • Maximum Might from the Cathedral - 39500

Distortion bosses:

  • Caryolis
  • Malicenia
  • Siringe
  • Nephelis

  • Stats of equipment from adventures: Leunar Swamps, Mare Sacro Monastery, Targo Islands, Tarlen Aquifer, Kuat-Lien Station, Fort Darlek, Daren Facility, Icy Plateau: Might 15620, Superiority 1670
  • Stats of equipment from adventures: Operations Isabella, Medea, Ophelia: Might 15620-23430, Superiority 1670-2505

Weapon stats:

  • Ranged damage 290%
  • All damage 290%
  • Support aura efficiency 160%

March 14

The following card is available in the Hall of Trophies: Threat from the Depths which contains Oceanid Destabilizer.

February 27
  • Corrected the position of Altered Korgs on shipbuilding ways at Saffire Air Dockyard
  • You can now view information about an offline player.
  • When your divine form ends, the ability that activates divine form goes into cooldown for 3 seconds. It helps avoid certain visual bugs.

February 12th

Pantheon Tournament.

  • Added a Reward Selection function for the Pantheon Tournament
  • When a Tournament is over, winning Pantheons will be able to choose their rewards (Hyperion modules, for example) in the Pantheon interface. If a Pantheon wins more than one reward, several consecutive votes will be held.
  • Commanders vote for their preferred reward. The prize that gets more votes wins. If no option is selected within three days after the vote is started, a random reward will be automatically selected.
  • Pantheons will receive their selected rewards during updates.

Battle Mechanics and System


  • Addressed an issue with the “Target selection priority” button not working
  • After the ultimate ability ends, the Soundweaver will be immune to control effects and attacks for some time.
  • Addressed an issue where the Soundweaver would still be susceptible to control effects even after successfully executing the ultimate ability.

  • Jinx, Flaming Strings: “Burn” from fireworks now increases the critical chance of all allies with the Soundweaver’s boosting effects if they are attacking the target affected by this effect.
  • Aspect portraits are now displayed correctly.
  • Aspect of Mercy portrait is green if your Premium is active.
  • Aspect of Tenacity portrait is golden if your Premium is active.
  • Aspect of Rage portrait is orange if your Premium is active.
  • Addressed an issue where using Icy Dart while having Kryta, Viper’s Heart (legendary weapon) equipped would block certain abilities.
  • Addressed an issue where your weapon could disappear if you were revived by the companion
  • Changed the generation of equipment received from Royal Chest. It will now match the generation of the chest for characters that have completed the campaign.
  • Fixed the discrepancies in damage numbers in the descriptions of the Berserker’s (Destructive Attack) and Revenant’s (Destruction) abilities.
  • The Mysteries of Love event is starting on Aelion!
  • Updated the list of supported GPU/CPU
  • Updated the position of drums for the Rhythms of Aelion emote.
  • Updated the animations for NPC couples in the St Valentine’s event.
  • Updated the finishing attack for higher tier characters
  • Asmodeus’s Pull no longer works on characters in divine form.
  • Support Mode symbol now works only on players.
  • When you are in divine form, the class change panel displays only the classes you have learned
  • Once the Phytonide boss in the Inghar Test Area is killed, auras that deal damage will also disappear.


  • Addressed an issue in the Mechanoid Raid event: character’s participation was not counted if they joined the event at the Thea-2 station and did not participate in the defense of Aelerium mining stations.
  • Improved the Aelerium reward for the Mechanoid Scouts event: C (2-5 probes) - 100 Aelerium; B (6-9 probes) - 150 Aelerium; A (10 probes) - 250 Aelerium, S (first to get 10 probes) - 350 Aelerium.
  • Addressed an issue with Oculat Spies at the Thea-2 station - some of them had more health than they should have.
  • Slightly reduced the number of enemies during the defense stage of Mechanoid Raid at the Thea-2 station


  • Reaper Laboratory is now at the top of the list

Battle Royale

  • The top three players of Battle Royale, season 2, will receive a unique title and portrait element.


  • Key bindings were wrong.
  • Mount and divine panel were mixed up.
  • All Tobi mounts will spawn heart-shaped bubbles during the event. Only the Enamored Tobi will continue to have that effect afterwards.