Ascension - Don’t Call it a Comeback

Skyforge’s big expansion Ascension launches today, and we’ve been playing the game’s pre-patch changes in anticipation of the big update. What we’ve found are a slew of very welcome changes to a game that seemed needlessly complex at launch.

We wrote about this expansion in interviews, and in news articles, but until the past week we hadn’t really gone hands on with many of the changes its bringing. Much like other MMORPGs, Skyforge chose to roll out a load of the new system changes to the game in a “pre-patch” before the Ascension content hits the servers on the 19th (today).

Nearly every facet of the game saw some change. The Ascension Atlas is gone, and in its place is a Campaign Map that tries to more coherently tell the story of Aelion while guiding you through progression of your character and unlocking the classes. It was wondrous to see that my previous work on the game during the review had made it so every single class was unlocked, save the brand new dual-pistol wielding Outlaw. New and returning players will unlock them now through the campaign map, as you unlock missions to obtain them via the map and progressing through its various regions. Some might make the argument that this makes the overall arc of Skyforge more linear, but frankly it’s for the better here as it’s much simpler to understand how to unlock classes and what you should be doing...