Ascension Expansion Nearly Remakes the Game

MMORPG: My.com recently announced a new expansion for Skyforge called Ascension -- essentially a game-changer for everyone with big impactful changes coming with it. We had the opportunity to learn more from My.com Creative Director Alexander Pan'kov.


Ascension sounds like a mighty big undertaking. Can you give us a detailed overview of everything coming in the expansion?

A detailed overview, you say? That would become a very long answer since we are almost remaking the entire game with the Ascension Expansion. The new features, enhancements and changes have had an impact on the full game. We radically change the character development and alter or replace main systems. We will add a brand-new class and a new raid as well as overhauling the end game by changing invasions to become seasonal. We will make combat more dynamic and diverse by adding to the options for players to the existing action and add an intriguing political system called Council of the Gods. We will even throw a few things completely overboard to create clarity and simplicity for beginning players as well as current players. You see, I don’t think a short and detailed answer on this is possible.

What prompted the changes to the progression system of the game?

With online games we have the luxury of really understanding how our game is played. The game has now successfully been in Open Beta for over a year and we have seen responses to our new expansions and the earlier changes we made. All this information was very valuable and together with player feedback we have are now able to identify the priorities for the community and the most critical bottlenecks in the development process as well as the actual new player experience.