PvP Anomalies

The Hostile Territories are located all over Aelion. In this adventure, all players are equalized, so any character who has unlocked their divine form can access it.
There are no Pantheons and no friends in the Hostile Territories, just your group and bloodthirsty enemies everywhere! Of course, you can travel there alone, but it will be difficult to succeed.
Your task is to obtain as many Ether Fragments as you can. These fragments can be exchanged for useful items afterwards.
Strong ether disturbance limits some of characters’ abilities. You can assume your divine form for 250 points of Faith and for a limited time (base value without specialization bonuses).


  • Kill monsters and bosses. 
  • Defeat player characters and you will receive up to 30% of their loot.
  • Form a group of 5 immortals and claim an ether tree.


The latter will provide the best loot, but the task will be more difficult. First, you need to find and lure aggressive monsters to the tree so that they get filled with ether, then eliminate them to receive fragments. But it is not as easy as it sounds! There are few active trees in the location, so other players will probably try to cross you. Be ready for a good fight!

Fortunately, as long as the tree is linked to you, it will attack other immortals, and other allies will gain additional shields in a 30 yard radius. You should keep in mind that a tree’s resource is not unlimited, and 15 minutes later you will have to search for another source of ether. Currently active ether trees are displayed on the map. You can go to a vacant spot or attack someone else’s tree. In the latter case, its life will be shorter, but you can get fragments simply by defeating its defenders!



The character needs to get to a safe place (next to an Uplink Terminal) and turn in the fragments to the first scientist they see. Then open the Market interface and go to the Invasions tab where you can buy a special chest.
Inside an ether chest, you can find 30 000 credits and an epic equipment piece of a relevant generation. The character may also receive Stimulants (from 3 to 10) and Victor's Medals (from 40 to 120).

If you open a rare ether chest, you will receive 180 000 credits and a brooch, bracelet, weapon or an artifact of epic quality and relevant generation. Your character may also receive 10 Stimulants and 120 Victor's Medals as a bonus.
If you decide to travel to the Hostile Territories, we advise you to consider your PvP abilities and pick a killing combination of symbols: you will need them.