Region Invasions

Starting from the second week of the season, the invaders will try to capture one of Aelion’s plains.

Duration and availability

The enemy will use every trick in the book to conquer the planet. Any Immortal who has the Divine Form unlocked can participate in Area Invasions. If the enemy attack is unsuccessful, the following Wednesday a new area will be under attack. Such attacks can happen in three different areas during a single invasion.


Missions and rewards

A sieged area is accessible through the campaign window (“K” on keyboard) (?). The difficulty of an encounter is the same for all characters, disregarding their ranks. There is martial law in the area, and all the old missions will be replaced by new ones. The rewards will be very enticing for Immortals of any rank. Ianna will arrive on the battlefield and instruct both Immortals and mortals personally.

Here are the tasks that await Immortals:

  • Clear the area and gather intelligence. Reward: Knowledge of Enemies and Operation Tokens.
  • Group up to organize offence and defense of fortifications. In case of success, all participants receive credits.
  • Track down and eliminate bosses. Bosses can drop rare equipment of the latest generation.

Performing all those tasks will gradually fill up the progression scale of the main mission of the area. Each week upon the first completion of the main mission, you will receive four awards for your feat.


Demonic Threat

During the attack of demons, the familiar landscapes will transform. The astral, disturbed by wormholes, will give rise to natural anomalies. The storms will empower the invaders and allow them to summon Astral Hunters to Aelion — unique monsters, whose goal is to destroy the immortals mercilessly. Regular demons and bosses will be much stronger during the storm as well.

Mortals will do their best to contain the demonic invasion, but they need your help. Flavius’ scientist have constructed special machines, capable of calming down astral storms — neutralizers. Mortals have installed them near the visors, and it is believed that four neutralizers working at once will keep the shredding matter of reality together, returning things to normal. However, the demons will not stand by idly and will do everything in their power to destroy the neutralizers, so stay alert!


After ensuring safety of the neutralizers, gather your strength for an attack. From time to time, in the middle of the demon's’ den, clusters of pure energy will appear. Such clusters generate new wormholes. If they are not destroyed in time, the consequences can be terrible! Treacherous demons put a special curse on these clusters — they cannot be destroyed one by one, and only an attack on all three clusters at once can be successful. Keep in mind that you will have to destroy clusters in a limited timeframe, and they are not easily accessible — as you roam the area, in addition to the usual demons, you can run into turrets, astral generators, demonic portals and four unique demons from the astral legion. The latter ones are capable of defeating even a small group of young gods. Do not underestimate them!