Tol-Monter's Wrath Pack

Dear friends!

Tol-Monter is furious. His attempts at conquering Aelion have been futile for years. Every time, the people of Aelion manage to outsmart the great god and use his own power against him.

From the 6th of December to the 3rd of January, Tol-Monter's Wrath Collector’s Pack will be available. Inside, you will find new generation 11 legendary weapons for the Monk and the Alchemist classes, as well as a multitude of useful valuables at a good price!

Our Alchemists studied the enemy and created unique class weapons, and while Monks are not yet able to control the water element, they have discovered many ways to oppose it.

Tol-Monter's Wrath
Legendary weapon: Aquatis, Wave Breaker
A noble Naiad once held this staff. She used to believe that her god and patron Tol-Monter could easily conquer Aelion. Hundreds of years have passed since then. Aelion has yet to be conquered, the Naiad is dead, and her staff loyally serves her enemies.
Legendary weapon: Scylla, Grip of the Depths
The Alchemists got the idea of this weapon from sea creatures: they combined the maneuverability of Kraken’s tentacles with the deadly grip of a giant crab’s claws.
10 000
3 000
Victor's Medals
21 days
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Scylla, Grip of the Depths

  • Increases Support Aura Power by 120%
  • Detonating Acidic and Combustible Solution at their maximum level has a chance to replace these abilities with Potent Cocktail for a short time.
  • Potent Cocktail inflicts damage to the first enemy in the selected direction and increases damage to them by 3% for 12 seconds. The effect stacks up to 5 times.
  • Predatory Ectoplasm refreshes the effect on the enemy.

Aquatis, Wave Breaker

  • The character gains +210% to damage dealt. When using combo attacks, the Monk has a chance to gain the Philosophy of Water effect which makes the next two Dashes free. They will also inflict damage to enemies in the way.

Additionally, Tol-Monter’s Wrath Pack provides 20 000 Premium subscription rank points. Please note that players who have reached Premium rank 10 will not receive extra bonuses to Premium when purchasing these packs.
You can only get the pack directly via the payment form on the website. This service is not available via the terminal or with in-game resources.
Illustrations may differ from the actual contents.
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